5 Ways To Really Commit To Reducing Your Waste


If you haven’t checked out my first two posts about going zero waste I recommend reading those first to ease your way into a new lifestyle!


So you’ve done the first 10 steps and have decided this reduced waste life is for you. The following tips are the roll up your sleeves and freaking commit kind of tips. They aren’t necessarily “convenient” but hey, you’ve made it this far so lets keep the good times rollin’!


1.       Compost is cool!

This was a big one for us. I don’t know why but composting seemed so scary and like such a big undertaking. There was definitely some up-front work but it hasn’t been hard at all. Find a space in your yard where you are going to make your compost pit, buy some sort of compost bin for in your house, and make sure to “stir up” all of the waste once a week or so to help with the decomposition. The biggest shift has been remembering what can be composted and what cant be and putting everything in the correct bin.


2.       Bulk shopping…not what you think!

I love bulk shopping, and I’m not talking Costco style shopping. Bulk shopping is when you go to a store that has things like flour, rice, trail mix in bulk and you fill a container instead of buying it prepackaged. We bring 5-7 mason jars with us when we grocery shop (tare .89 for the big ones for all y’all wondering!) and fill ‘em up! It is so stinking gratifying to be able to buy so many staples and contribute 0 plastic waste.


3.       Make that coffee habit work for you!

I put this one on here not because its difficult to do but because its inconvenient as heck. I get it K-Cups and tea bags are hella convenient but also hella wasteful. So much unnecessary plastic and packaging. Instead use loose tea leaves with a strainer and a reusable K-Cup, I got mine on amazon. Added bonus: you can compost the coffee grounds!


4.       Makeup Remover //Waste Reducer!

Again, not “hard” to do but definitely lacking in the convenience department. I plan to post on my eye makeup remover recipe in another post but basically, I have my DIY makeup remover stored in a small mason jar and I use a washcloth to wipe it off. It is super effective and I have totally eliminated those single use make-up remover wipes!


5.       Back to Biking!

Weather contingent but anything that helps me work on my bod and minimize my impact is a no brainer. My husband bikes to work whenever he can and I bike to and from the gym, nearby stores when the weather cooperates! It is a great workout, gets you outside, and protects our earth. Note: if you don’t have a bike, walking works too!