Zero Waste Bathroom Goals

Now a certain amount of waste is, ahem, expected in the bathroom. But I am not talkin about that kind of waste. Instead, I am talking about all of the tissues, floss, toothbrushes, tampons, plastic, cardboard, etc. that we use daily in our bathroom. Now I will say that I probably have the most room to grow here so I’m going to share a list of plans and goals I have for limiting my waste in the bathroom.

bathroom goals.jpg


  •   I use a plastic toothbrush right now. I KNOW how horrible they are for the environment but I was already using it and I’m not about to just throw it away before it has been thoroughly used because that’s just waste on top of waste. However, I am looking to purchase a bamboo toothbrush next so that it can be composted when I am done using it.


  • No more makeup wipes for this girl! I use a combination of coconut oil, almond oil, and a little lavender to remove my makeup each night and take it off with a washcloth. Not only does this remove waste from my nightly routine but my eyelashes have never been healthier (I suffer from major lash envy so this was an unexpected perk!)


  • I have big plans to jump on the “no poo” train and use baking soda and apple cider vinegar to help keep my hair healthy! Stay tuned for a blog post on the process!


  • Just like the toothbrush, I have a couple of disposable razors left but after I am done with those I plan to invest in a safety razor. Little nervous TBH but excited to be that much closer to eliminating my bathroom waste.


  • The average woman produces 300 lbs of waste just from period products. That coupled with the bullshit “pink tax” is enough to have me trying out a menstruation cup. Everything I have ever read has me thinking this is going to be a great, safe, clean alternative to tampons and the like.


  • I have replaced my eye makeup wipes with a washcloth but would like to invest in some reusable “cotton” rounds for my toner. The washcloth is just a little too big and a little rough on my face.


*since writing this post i have gotten reusable cotton rounds, a bamboo toothbrush, gone the "no poo" route, and a menstrual cup and straight up adore both...details to come*

So tell me...have you tried anything? What have i missed?