5 Super Simple Ways To Immediately Reduce Your Waste

reduce waste

Confession time: I nerd out HARD over reducing my waste. Like I get giddy thinking about busting out my reusable silverware and using my stainless-steel straw. If you have not reached this level of dorkery don’t you worry because it is a slippery slope and before you know it you’ll be rockin a pair of birks and biking to work.

I kid, but there are ways that we can help our earth and reduce our waste without going full on granola. Below are 5 super simple ways to reduce your waste in 5 minutes or less:


1.       Say “See Ya!” to plastic water bottles

This is super simple. I bet you have a water bottle sitting in your cabinet as you read this. Carry that bottle with you everywhere, its your new bff. Plastic bottles are so 2000, get with the now.

2.       Ditch plastic bags for good

If you went to college or ever shopped at Aldi you already own some reusable grocery bags. They are canvas and you get them any time you attend any kind of race or event. If you don’t have any you can buy them at almost any grocery story, or TJ Maxx if you need a reason to go shopping.

3.       Bring your own coffee mug

Most places will even give you a discount if you bring your own mug!

4.       Quit the paper towel habit

Speaking as a former paper towel addict I know how hard it is. But you can do it. Use a dishrag instead.  This is probably the toughest of the beginner steps but you are tough and I believe in you.

5.       “Boy Bye” to plastic straws

I plan on doin a blog post on these later so I wont get too high up on my soap box but plastic straws kill animals. You don’t need a plastic straw with your drink, your lips can touch the cup and live to tell the tale. But if you are all kinds of particular like me than order some stainless steel straws. I bought a pack of four like these and have one in my purse, one in my car, one in my lunchbox, and one at home. Never without and the animals are saved!


So there you have it 5 super simple ways to immediately reduce your waste! Which tip are you going to try out?