When Two-Thirds Less is Actually More

Do you ever find yourself standing in front of your closet and getting so frustrated because you just have nothing to wear? This used to be me more times than I can count. I had a closet packed to the absolute brim with clothes and was upset I couldn’t find anything to wear.  Those moments of frustration would ultimately lead me to looking for more or for something else outside of my home.

This desire for more seems like an epidemic to me. Instead of using what we have we constantly crave the next and the “better”. Oftentimes that value of “better” is because someone else deemed it so, rarely does it come from within.


When we started simplifying our lives and our home my first thought was to simplify my closet. I had this urge to purge, to get rid of all the things that were too old, stained, or holey to be of good use. To rid myself of the things from high school that no longer fit or the running tights that no longer served my fitness goals.

I spent a weekend going through everything. I did the Marie Kondo method and put everything in one pile. If you want a gut punch of your habits as a consumer, pile all of your clothes together. I couldn’t believe I had ever felt as if I didn’t have enough!

After many hours or sifting, trying on, and going back and forth I had a massive pile of donations, a smaller pile of things to be turned into rags, and an astoundingly small pile of clothes I treasured and wore a lot.

At first, I panicked. I thought surely, I can’t make due with this few items of clothing. I didn’t count the exact pieces because for me that wasn’t what it was about, it was about only keeping what I loved and what I needed. I decided to keep some of the items I was on the fence about getting rid of in a closet in the guest room, just in case I decided I needed them.

Weeks went by and I never went back to those on the fence items. I found myself truly wearing everything in my closet. I also found myself getting more creative with my outfits. Those “summer dresses” now had tights and cardigans with them to transition to fall. My jumpsuits now had sweaters on top of them and funky tennis shoes paired with them.


What I didn’t anticipate is the feeling of peace I have when I look at my closet now. The empty space makes it easier to breath, and easier to keep organized. I am aware of every item of clothing I own and how to make at least 3-5 great outfits with each piece. I also wasn’t aware of how this process would change my relationship with my body awareness and appreciation.

Those jeans from high school aren’t around to make me feel like I should be a size 0 anymore. Instead I can put on pants that fit and feel good about myself. Everything in my closet is a treasured or useful item and as a result I feel good when I wear them.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to eliminate all of the clutter and the extra from my closet. Moving forward I plan to replace pieces with ethical and eco friendly brands. Be on the look out for future blog posts!