5 Ways To Level Up Your Waste Reduction


If you haven’t check it out yet definitely read my first blog post “5 Super Simple Ways To Immediately Reduce Your Waste”

Alright, so you followed the first 5 tips and are feeling pretty confident and figure now its time to take it to the next level. Girl I got you. The following 5 tips are still simple but do require a bit more thought and planning (hence: level up)!


1.       Produce bags with a purpose!

Only 1% of those plastic produce bags at the grocery store get recycled. 1 freaking percent! To combat that either get comfortable with putting your produce directly into the cart or, if you’re like me, put them in a mesh, reusable produce bag. We got ours at crate and barrel as a wedding gift but you can find them on Amazon as well.

Reusable Produce Bags Crate and Barrel

2.       Travel to go container!

Invest in some glass “tupperware” (plastic is riddled with BPA and toxins). I keep one of my glass pyrex dishes in my car at all times. That way if we go out to eat I have a to go container that doesn’t end up in the trash and I can heat it up without dirtying another dish! Holler at me if you are all about less dirty dishes!


3.       Utilizing your own utensils!

This is a personal fave of mine and I get asked about it a lot when I am out in public. Invest in a travel utensil set that you can toss in your bag and bring with you everywhere. I never realized just how much plastic silverware I was using until I bought these bad boys. I got mine at Amazon and it was $10 for 2 sets so my hubs got one too! Minimal dollars minimal waste.

Reusable Silverware.jpg

4.       Nada napkins!

If you’re ready to be the “weird one” in your group then join me in carrying a cloth napkin with you along with your utensils and use that instead of paper. If you’re just not ready to commit to the crunchy life that hard yet (no judgement, I get it) then just make a conscious decision to not use paper napkins. Its as simple as excusing yourself to the bathroom and washing up!


5.       Grab a growler!

Now this one is a fun one! Want to drink with out the guilt of cans and bottles? Find your local brewery and buy a growler! Our growler is about 5 beers worth and only costs $9 to fill up. So not only are we reducing waste but we are saving hella dollars!

Bonus tip: When out with friends order draft beer instead of cans or bottles to further reduce your waste!


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