Zero Waste To-Go Kit

While the concept behind zero waste is more than worthy of your time and energy I think that it is so important to not get hung up on actually producing zero waste. In my opinion, the zero waste movement is all about being more mindful of how you shop and how much waste you are creating. There are things in life that you may need to create waste for and that is ok, just do the best you can to reduce less than what you currently are!



That being said one of the best ways to eliminate waste and to be mindful of your choices is to set yourself up for success. The best way I know how to set myself up for success is to always have my zero waste to go kit on me. A zero waste to go kit is a collection of items that you have with you or in your car at nearly all times in order to eliminate extra waste when out to eat or shopping. Below you will find my core zero waste items and then some things that I add on when the situation calls for it!


Zero Waste To Go Kit Images.jpg

Pyrex, Straws, Napkin, Silverware, Yeti, Bag

I keep the cup with a straw in it out and with me pretty much at all times. In my purse you can always find my to go silverware, a cloth napkin, an extra straw, and a coozi. I keep an extra pyrex dish in my car for when we go out to eat in case we take home leftovers.


Zero Waste To Go Kit.jpg

Pyrex, Growler, Cups

For my add on items I sometimes bring out a larger pyrex dish if I know we are for sure taking food home. We also have several growlers to take to local breweries to fill up on beer without wasting cans or bottles. We also use the growlers to fill up on bulk kombucha. Finally, we recently purchased a pair of silicone pint glasses because local bars do not allow glass out on their patio so we are hoping they will accept these glasses instead of giving us plastic ones.


What would you put in your to go kit? What ways can you reduce the waste you produce?


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