Zero Waste With a Positive Mindset

Transitioning to a zero-waste lifestyle is tricky. It does not need to be made trickier by buying into the fear driven and guilt-ridden mentality that sometimes accompanies it. Oftentimes it can feel overwhelming to tackle your entire lifestyle and make changes that’ll better the world. Below are a few of my tips to help tackle a zero-waste lifestyle with a positive mindset.



Approach it from a place of love

Often time people dive into the wonderful world of zero waste from a place of fear. They watch a documentary or read an article that convinces them the world is ending if they do not radically change their lives. While these resources are great at inspiring action and motivating people they can sometimes spark fear. And let me tell you, any action taken from a place of fear will ultimately not flow for you. Instead, focus on what you love about our earth. For example, maybe you love parks, you could organize a group to go clean up your local park. Maybe you work in a dentist office, you can sign up with TerraCycle and collect toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, and floss containers so that they can be recycled properly.

Educate Yourself

This is going to seem counter intuitive to my previous statement. In order to come at a zero-waste lifestyle from a positive mental state is to educate yourself. Now I don’t mean go watch the scary documentaries or read all the heavy scientific data (unless that’s what lights you up then in that case go for it friend)! What I mean is to find some positive blogs or Instagram pages that empower you to make a change and make you feel as if this lifestyle and these changes are within your reach. Here are some of my favorite resources:

Zero Waste Blog

Zero Waste Collective

The Wild Minimalist


Focus on What you can do

Zero waste is not about the zero. It is a great goal, an admirable goal. A big audacious goal that I implore you to strive for. However, when (not if, when because you are human and that’s ok, you don’t hit zero waste give yourself grace. Give attention to all of the incredible changes that you have already put in place. For example, when travelling I bring travel cutlery with me, a water bottle, and a cloth napkin. However, there were days where I would have to get food to go, or there were no vegan options so I would have to buy a bag of trail mix. Did I beat myself up about the amount of garbage I produced? Heck no! Because I am constantly applauding myself for doing the things I can. Focus on what you are already doing because just by reading this blog you are taking steps in the right direction!



These are my biggest tips for approaching a zero-waste lifestyle with a positive mindset. And please always keep in mind, there is a huge community of support out there for you, myself included. The zero is a goal, an approach. But above all else please know any steps you can take are important and they do make a difference.