Zero Waste Imbibing

Let's talk about dranks friends. More specifically let's talk about being mindful of our drinking habits. Now I don’t mean how much we consume (although I think that’s important that is a whole other blog post. We are talking about the waste we create when we drink. Beer is one of the biggest waste creating ways to get a buzz. Between the cans, the bottles, and the plastic cups a single night out can have big impacts on our environment!



I thought I would share the super simple transitions we have made in our lives to waste less while we imbibe. Bonus: it ended up we actually get to enjoy more beer, not less!


The problem: plastic cups

The solution: silipints


We ordered these guys from Amazon. A big reason bars pour into plastic cups is because they don’t want you to carry glass outside and either break it or walk off with it. Instead of confining ourselves to a life drinking indoors (gross) we chose to bring our own silicone pint glasses with us. We are met with skeptical looks, and some bars don’t want to use them but we are met with acceptance and intrigue too! Now we can be outside on the patios with all the cool kids, but feel good about our choices too!


The problem: bottles and cans

The solution: drink draft beer


I will be the first to admit, I am not an adventurous beer drinker. I like what I like (Coors light, shandy, cider) and I don’t want to deviate. When at a craft brewery I will often ask, “what is the closest thing you have to Coors light”. When the ultra cool hipster brewmaster gets done judging the ish out of me they can typically recommend something for me to try. Sometimes I like it sometimes husband gets two beers. Regardless of the quality or type of beer, when you drink draft beer it will not come in a bottle or can. It will come in a glass, and in case you didn’t know beer glasses come in all sorts of fun shapes! Alright, I digress, if they try to serve you a draft beer in a plastic cup see the solution to the first problem.


The problem: bottles and cans (yeah you read that right I am saying bottles and cans again because it's my blog and this is how I want to structure it)

The solution: growlers


Who likes to have a beer? *everyone raises hand* Who likes to have a beer without leaving their home or sweat pants *met with standing ovation and loud whoops from the crowd* Well since we are all in agreement that almost nothing beats havin a beer with your bae on the couch I implore you to invest in a growler. We got ours at a local brewery but you can absolutely get one off amazon like this guy. Now, instead of buying a 12 pack of Coors we go to a local brewery and fill up a growler. Sizes of growlers range from 2 beers to 8 beers. The extra bonus with this move is that you get to support local breweries and businesses and there is a good chance there are fewer emissions involved because they make it in-house instead of shipping it!


So there you go, guys! Ways to get yo drink on but feel environmentally responsible as well!

I am still looking for a way to make this work for wine, if you have any suggestions lemme know (besides making my own because ain't nobody got time for that)