Zero Waste Living and Laundry Room

I felt that I had to combine these two rooms because frankly, there isn’t enough for two separate blog posts. I consider both of these rooms where not a lot of waste is produced. However, there are areas where we can focus our attention in both of these spaces and because of that I wanted to highlight some ideas you can take into your own home.


Living Room

Purchase thrifted furniture. My personal rule of thumb is to buy new (but as eco friendly as possible) when it comes to linens (think pillows, blankets, couches)

Minimize the clutter, you do not need shelves crammed with knick knacks. Rather, fill your space with a few loved and intentional pieces that make you smile every time you see them.

Use functional decorations. Rather than keeping magazines on hand or having frivolous and meaningless things all over, have everything serve a purpose.

Repurpose things from around the house. If you need a lamp for your living room, see if you have one not being used somewhere else in your home.

Invest in LED lightbulbs, yes, they are more expensive but they last a lot longer and are better for the environment.


Laundry Room

Make your own laundry paste, there are loads of recipes on Pinterest. Or, use Dr. Bronner’s diluted as your laundry soap.

Wash combined loads with cold water

Line dry or air dry your clothes when you can versus using a dryer

When you use the dryer, use wool dryer balls with a few drops of essential oils rather than using single use dryer sheets. The dryer balls will help combat the static and the essential oils will allow for that scent we love from our clean clothes.

Buy secondhand clothes when you can. Go to your local goodwill, thrift shop, or use sights like ThredUp!


Hopefully this sparked some ideas on ways you can eliminate or minimize waste in your home. What are some ways you have eliminated clutter and waste in your space?