Best Plants to Purify Your Home

Hi, my name is Abbey and I am a plant addict. My home is slowly filling up with plants on every ledge and windowsill. This was not always the case, in fact I had quite the black thumb for a long time. To be honest I am not super savvy still on how to keep plants that are not meant for our climate alive during frigid winters and humid summers. However, after I learned all about the benefits of plants in your home (hello air purifiers!), I was desperate to get some hard to murder plants in my home.

These are some of the plants I have had the best luck with without sinking a bunch of time and energy into keeping them alive.

potho plant.JPG



Started with my all-time fave plant. This plant is a trailing plant which means it’ll vine and overflow from its pot which is super pretty. I personally like to hang them suspended so the vines can tumble out. Water once a week and give it lots of light and you’ll be amazed how fast it grows.


A double dose of benefits. Easy to grow, air purifying, and the aloe inside the leaves is super medicinal on burns! We water maybe every 10-14 days and keep it on a windowsill where is can get lots of sun.


Snake Plant

This lil’ guy is super hard to kill. We actually keep this one in our basement and are sure to turn on an overhead light to give it a little bit of light. We will every so often pop it on a windowsill but overall it is able to survive with minimal light. We water it about every 10 days or so.

parlor palm plant.JPG

Parlor Palm

Ideally in medium, indirect light. We have ours placed below a window with the shades down so that just a bit of light seeps in. Err on the side of underwatering, I typically wait 7-10 days between watering. This little plant does not grow much during the winter!


Another low light lovin plant. Water every 7-10 days. Err on the side of underwatering because root rot is a very real problem.

dracaena plant.JPG


I encourage you to pick up one (or more!) of these plants and allow them to help purify the air in your home!