Branch Basics: Non-Toxic Cleaning

Branch Basics

Let me start this off by saying this is not a sponsored post. This just goes to show you how obsessed with this product I am. Read on if you get a little cray about reducing the toxins in your life!

Branch Basics


I cannot even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with Branch Basics. During the beginning stages of my life overhaul, I was searching for all the things non-toxic to make myself feel healthier. I started first with my diet and then quickly moved into personal care items like makeup and lotion.

During that process I stumbled upon this fact from the EPA:

“Indoor air pollutants are 2 to 5 times greater than outdoor pollutants and in some cases can be up to 100 times greater”.

Talk about scary! One of the big contributors to indoor air pollutants in cleaning products. Here’s something to think about, ever notice how when you walk down the cleaning aisle in your grocery store you can still smell all of the bleach and chemicals even though all of the bottles are sealed? Think about what that is doing in your home. And if you are like me you had a LOT of different products for a lot of different ways to clean your house.

Branch Basics Bottles


Branch Basics  themselves describe their brand as “a multi-tasking plant and mineral based cleaner. Branch Basics not only removes dirt, dust, grease, and grime, it removes the residue left behind by previous cleaners.”

This is from their own user guide so you know that it's legit. What I love even more about it is they ship their concentrate to you and then you can mix and create all of the different cleaning products you need from their concentrate. The low waste gal in me all but clicked her heels in happiness!

When you buy Branch Basics starter kit you get their concentrate, bottles to mix everything in, and their oxygen boost. The bottles have fill lines so you get just the right ration of concentrate and water for cleaning mirrors, your bathroom, or as an all-purpose spray.

BranchBasics Close-Up


Using Branch Basics has allowed me to eliminate all toxic cleaning chemicals. The concentrate is great too because they are committed to not shipping and charging you water, which is a large part of most other cleaning supplies.


Why I love Branch Basics

Easy to use

Branch basics is as simple as mix and go! And you can use it everywhere: the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, outside, even on your fruits and veggies! I have gone as far as to use it on my jewelry to keep it sparklin like new!



Like I said before, branch basics has all but replaced all of my cleaning supplies! And it goes much further than commercial cleaners. A 32 oz bottle costs about $50, which seems like a lot but it has lasted us about 5 months and we use it daily!

One bottle of concentrate goes a long way! According to Branch Basics User Guide a bottle of concentrate can make all of the following:

  • 16 All-Purpose bottles (24 oz), at $3.06 each ($0.12 per oz)
  • 10 Bathroom bottles (24 oz),  at $4.90 each ($0.20 per oz)
  • 240 Streak-Free bottles (24 oz), at $0.20 each (less than $0.01 per oz)
  • 17 Foamer Bottles (10 oz), at $2.88 each ($0.28 per oz)
  • 192 Laundry loads at $0.26 per load

Environmentally conscious

Their bottles are meant to be refilled and reused again and again. If, after time, you need to get new ones they are totally recyclable! The concentrate itself is biodegradable and safe for animals and fish as well. Finally, by buying in bulk you also reduce shipping costs.


Safe to use

It is non-toxic. Meaning it will not contribute to the overall indoor pollution of your home. It’s so safe they market it as something kids can use as well to help you clean! It’s rated a 1 on the EWG scale.


It freaking works

This stuff works. Its effective at cleaning definitely outshines all of my old cleaning supplies!

Branch Basics Oxygen Boost


Have you given Branch Basics a try yet? If not I encourage you to do so and tell me all about it! If you have, share your love in the comments below!

To learn more about Branch Basics and to get started cleaning the non-toxic way, click here