Super Simple Toxin-Free Makeup Remover

DIY Makeup Remover

Needed: Mason jar, coconut oil, almond oil, lavender EO


Toxin Free Makeup Remover

When I started learning about all of the toxins that I was unknowingly ingesting via makeup and skincare products I immediately started to make some changes in my beauty routine. One of the shifts I made right away was to stop using makeup remover wipes. The bonus to this is that it drastically reduced the waste I was creating in the bathroom! Now I don’t love to wear a lot of makeup anyway so I knew that I didn’t need anything super heavy duty. 


Naturally, I trolled Pinterest for some good all natural makeup removers and overwhelmingly I found that people loved using coconut oil. So I went to the store bought myself a big ol’ jar of organic coconut oil and planned to use it that night to remove my makeup.


The one thing all of the blog posts I read neglected to mention was that coconut oil is like, rock hard. This was my first foray into the world of coconut oil but I just assumed it would be liquid like olive oil or even maybe a mayonnaise-like consistency. Wrong. I needed a spoon to scoop some of that stuff out. Now when you warm up coconut oil with your fingers it will reach a consistency that you can then comfortably rub on your closed eyes to remove makeup. However, I didn’t want to waste time each night working over some coconut oil just to take my darn makeup off.

DIY Makeup Remover Ingredients


So instead I scooped some coconut oil into a mason jar, added some almond oil, and then microwaved for about 30 seconds stopping every 10 seconds or so to check out the consistency. Well, let me tell you that transformed it into a liquid super quick. I then added some lavender essential oils because I am basic and like the smell, but also because lavendar is supposed to promote healthy lash growth! I mixed it together and let it set in the jar overnight.

DIY Makeup Remover


In the morning the consistency was much more manageable. I simply dip my finger into the jar, rub over my closed eyelids, and then wipe off with a washcloth or a reusable cotton round. The added bonus is that my eyelashes have truly never looked better!


Let me know how this goes for you!