Toxin Free Lifestyle: The How

Ok, so my last post was filled with reasons why you should consider or begin switching to a toxin free lifestyle, read here. And if we are being honest it was filled with lots of scary stats and figures, I mean I got freaked out just typing it out. But today’s post is how to practically transition to a life rid of toxic chemmies, from our skin to our homes.

Step one, is to chill out. I know when I opened my eyes to the toxins I had in my life I wanted to throw out everything and start anew (even thought about moving because obviously our home was just riddled with the bad stuff). However, after I took a moment to breathe…ok fine my husband forced me to take a beat and breathe…I broke it down into small, attainable steps.

Before you begin the purge or look to buy new products download the Think Dirty App, I wrote a separate post all about it here .


Zones to detox



Ditch anything that has an ingredient you can’t pronounce or if it has “fragrance” listed in the ingredients. These are known endocrine disrupters and can impact hormone health and fertility. Also look for words like phthalates, parabens, or SLS…all no bueno for you.

There are loads of chemical free alternatives that can make the transition easier. I recommend reading some of my blog posts and start scanning with Think Dirty wherever you buy your hair and skin care products.

Cleaning Supplies

natural cleaning

Personally, I used up and then got rid of anything that said “harmful to people and animals” on it, because why on earth would I want that in my home? I switched to Branch Basics, Dr. Bronners, and good ol’ fashioned white vinegar and baking soda. I have blog posts on both Branch Basics and Dr. Bronners here.

Around the home

essential oil diffuser

Get rid of plastic. Beyond the fact that plastic is super harmful for the environment and sticks around for forever (literally), it also holds onto and releases toxins into your food. Instead, when it is time for new Tupperware, invest in glass.

Get rid of candles and switch to essential oils and diffusers. Candles are riddled with fake fragrance and hidden toxins, to keep your home smelling delish diffuse an oil of your choosing. Also, open your stinkin windows and maybe buy a few air purifying plants (see this post) to help clean and move stagnant air in your home.

While this may seem daunting, take it one day or one product at a time. And keep in mind that the long run payoff is far greater than temporary inconvenience.

 What are you going to tackle first? Let’s inspire each other!