Toxin Free Skincare Routine

I posted awhile ago about a toner DIY that I loved for my skin! However, as I started practicing hot yoga more and winter set in, it wasn’t quite enough to give me clear and moisturized skin. I searched for toxin free skincare products that would also help my face and combat some of the acne I was experiencing. I have since found a routine that I adore and my skin appreciates! The best part about this routine is it is still quick and easy, two pre-requisites for anything I do in the beauty or skincare department.



Mad Hippie Face Cleanser

I use this first thing in the morning to get my face nice and clean, it also helps me wake up with cold water on my face. I think this has made a huge difference in my acne breakouts.

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

This serum is amazing! I have melasma on my forehead and acne scars from my teens and early twenties and this serum has greatly reduced the appearance of those dark scars and spots. I use this oil with my agate face roller every morning and it is the perfect wake up for my skin!

mad hippie



DIY toner. Still a staple, still allows my face to feel clean without stripping it of the oils!

Acure Soothing Blue Tansy Oil, soon to be Primally Pure Blue Tansy Cream

When I bought this oil it wasn’t on the think dirty app but all of Acure’s other products were and they were all rated 0 or 1 for toxicity. Since then however, this product has been rated and I was so bummed to see it had an 8 overall rating! It is rated an 8 for fragrance, if any product lists “fragrance” as an ingredient it is automatically an 8 . All of the other ingredients are 0 and 1 and I do like this product. I looked on their website and fragrance is no longer listed as an ingredient so it may have changed. regardless, I am planning to buy Primally Pure’s Blue Tansy Cream next but until then I will continue to use this one until I use it all to reduce the waste. If fragrance doesn’t bother you (FYI it should) then this is a great product.


So there you have it, my simple and mostly clean skincare routine. I highly recommend checking out DIY toner, Mad Hippie, and Primally Pure products! What are some of your favorite toxin free products?