Toxin Free Lifestyle: The Why


Switching to a toxin free lifestyle is not easy. It is one of those things that once you become aware of the toxins that make up your day to day it is really hard to go back to being oblivious. For that reason alone, I understand that it is hard to make the switch.

Or maybe, you are happy with everything now. You are comforted by the smell of bleach because surely that must mean the toilet is clean. Or you love your makeup products because you’ve used them forever or searched for a long time for something that actually works. Why rock the boat and look into it, because if it turns out your favorite hairspray isn’t good for you then you’re going to have to stop using it.

I feel you, the inconvenience of shifting your perspective and your lifestyle is hella tough. Its also rough not being able to run out to Walgreens when your mascara runs out. But, the benefit to making the change is a healthier you, a you that feels good and knows they are making conscious healthy decisions about what goes in and on their body.

Did you know that in America women come into contact with more than 300 toxic ingredients and chemicals a day? Or that 80 of those chemicals usually enter your bloodstream before you have even had your morning coffee?

Your skin is your largest organ and anything you put on your skin is absorbed straight into your bloodstream. We are so inundated with toxic chemicals from our skincare, makeup, haircare, cleaning, etc. products that our bodies are losing the ability to process them and that can lead to all sorts of scary and very real health issues like cancer and infertility.

toxin free clean

In addition to all of the health and wellness products that are greenwashed and marketed to us claiming to better our lives, our cleaning products are absolutely riddled with chemicals. We know that because we associate those chemicals with clean. However, isn’t it concerning that you can smell the chemicals in cleaning products simply by walking down the cleaning aisle in the grocery store? Think about what those chemicals must do to the air in your home by leeching their aroma out into the air.

This isn’t shared to scare you, rather to empower you to become more aware of the decisions that you make as a consumer. For your health and the health of anyone you share your home with, it is wise to be aware of what you buy and how it can impact both your immediate and long-term health.

I am not saying immediately trash all of your stuff and by new. Because 1) that’s super wasteful and 2) lifestyle shifts do not just happen overnight. Rather, focus on one area, challenge yourself to become more aware. Once you know better, do better.


I will be sharing more of the “how” to make a transition to a toxin free lifestyle in my next post!