Why Vegan?

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You may be at a point in your life where you are ready to take the plunge and become vegan! If you are not ready to go all in and need some extra reasons why veganism might be right for you than read on sister!


1.     It’s good for your body!

Veganism is just plain good for you. Eating a plant-based diet, when done correctly can provide you with all of the nutrients you need and help you rid yourself of some of the toxic and processed junk that you see in some foods. When I went vegan within a month I noticed I had significantly less digestive distress, I was sleeping better, and I felt more in tune with my body’s needs and wants. You also become so much more aware of what is in everything. I hate label checking but man has it opened my eyes to how unhealthy some of my favorites were for me! Also, vegans live longer so I mean, that seems like a win win.

2.    It’s good for the environment!

This one was a big one for me. When you learn about the impacts of the meat and dairy industry on the world your mind just starts to reel. Here are some of the scary statistics:

·      55% of the water consumed in the US is used in animal agriculture

·      In the US 60% of corn and 47% of soybeans goes toward feed livestock

·      Animal agriculture is responsible for 51% greenhouse emissions

·      1-2 acres of rainforest are cleared every second for animals who are being raised as food

But here’s the good news, each day a vegan saves:

·      1,100 gallons of water

·      30 sq ft of forest

·      20lbs of CO2 equivalent

·      An animal

3.    It tastes good!

Being a vegan is straight up delicious. Some of my favorites include vegan mac n cheese, barbecue tempeh tacos, and sriracha fried rice! Stay tuned for future blog posts with recipes!


all facts from yourdailyvegan.com
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