Veganism Ruined My Life

And Other Lies People Tell Themselves


I hope you like your blog posts heavily laced with sarcasm because that’s what this one is. In all honesty, veganism changed the way I lived my life, I am a different person because of it but I consider that growth and if you aint growin’ your dyin’. So continue to read along to find out just how truly “awful” my life is now that I eat a plant based diet.


1.       I could never not eat meat or cheese

I put this one on my list more so because other people are flat out aghast when they learn that not only do I not eat meat or fish but cheese and eggs are also off the table. Guess what? I also don’t run as high of a risk for food poisoning, high cholesterol, or obesity. Give meatless Monday a try. After a few weeks try to take out cheese on those days as well, slowly work towards a more vegan diet and just take stock of how you feel.

2.       It caused me to take a look at how my other behaviors impacted the environment

When I first started eating a vegan diet it was strictly from a selfish, health standpoint. I had a lot of ongoing digestive issues that I was not willing to put up with for the rest of my life so I cut out all animal byproducts. After a while though, I began to think about the other benefits of being vegan and how great it is for the environment. I started thinking of other choices I could make that would benefit the environment which led me to the zero waste movement.

3.       It forced me to get creative in the kitchen

I cannot roll my eyes hard enough when people say vegan food is boring. When I went vegan it was like learning to cook all over again. But now we eat delicious, flavorful recipes all week long that have a focus on plants and plant-based protein rounded out with some wonderfully nutritious carbs.


4.       It caused me to eat in more

Living in the Midwest, vegan restaurants are few and far between. As a result of the lack of options and the built up repertoire of vegan recipes as mentioned above I eat in way more which has made a huge difference in my overall health and…

5.       My wallet is way heavier

Saved me a bunch of money. Lets be honest, meat and cheese are expensive, plants and rice are not.

6.       I’m the weird one in most groups

I am the only vegan in my friend group. I am the only vegan in my family. And yeah, at times people make fun of me in the way someone who doesn’t understand something does. But most of the time, my alternative diet has opened up a conversation and the occasional respectful debate.


So there you have it, six ways that veganism “ruined” my life. So if you want to have more money, better health, and make an environmental impact along the way I encourage you to try a vegan diet, even if its only once a week.