Homemade Oat Milk

Hey now guys, this is an extra special recipe because it is 100% done by Mr. Mindful. I edited and added my sass but the ingredients and process is all on him, this is his baby)


We have been working on eliminating or being more mindful of the waste we create when we grocery shop. We have done a great job of decreasing and eliminating a lot of waste but one staple we needed was milk. That coupled with the husband wanting to take in another kind of substance other than soy (weird) brought us to oat milk.

oat milk


This has been a real process. The first few go-rounds he called it his “crap milk” when he was really just trying to get the ratio right for himself and for me. Let’s be honest more for me, I can be picky.


Without further ado here is the recipe for homemade oat milk!


Yields: 1 large mason jar/Prep time: 15 minutes



1 cup rolled oat (heaping)

4 cup water (not hot)

2 medjool dates (pitted)



1 tsp vanilla extract






Mixing bowl

Mason jar (storage)


Add rolled oats to the blender

Pit medjool dates and add to blender

Pour 4 cups of water into the blender

Blend for 3 minutes

Pour mixture into a cheesecloth over mixing bowl (we actually use one of our mesh produce bags and it works great!)

Bundle cheesecloth and squeeze extra mixture out of cloth into mixing bowl (this part is a little icky but you gotta do it!)

Pour mixing bowl contents into storage container

Refrigerate until chilled



Shake well before use because liquid can separate from pulp in milk

Use vanilla extract for flavor if oat flavor not preferred

Add more/ fewer medjool dates to add/reduce the sweetness

Warm/Hot water can cause oats to thicken, use over cereal or to drink. Do not use in coffee or heated up, you will get weird oatmeal…no one wants weird oatmeal.



Alternative to standard dairy milk for vegans or lactose intolerant peeps (holla)

Low cost due to the price of oats and medjool dates per pound

Ingredients can be bought in bulk (package free)

Oats use less water to produce than almonds

Pulp can be composted or used for another sweet treat (blend with the fruit of choice)

Dates are a natural sweetener

Heart-healthy oat being low in cholesterol

High in fiber to assist in digestion


*We have since started adding split peas to our oat milk to get an additional boost of protein. Simply cook the peas, allow to cool, and add to blender with oats!