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Veganism Ruined My Life

I hope you like your blog posts heavily laced with sarcasm because that’s what this one is. In all honesty, veganism changed the way I lived my life, I am a different person because of it but I consider that growth and if you aint growin’ your dyin’. So continue to read along to find out just how truly “awful” my life is now that I eat a plant based diet.


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Holiday Recipe Round-Up

As the token vegan of my immediate family I am often in charge of providing food for myself at gatherings. I am often more than happy to do it and love any chance to share how yummy vegan food is. This year I had three recipes I found on Pinterest and adapted a bit. I will link the recipes below and just make note of the changes I made based on what I had on hand.

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Sriracha Fried Rice

Hey guys! So, if you haven’t noticed most of our recipes are made or made better by adding sriracha. Today’s recipe is no different. Today we are talkin bout sriracha fried rice. Yum. It has sriracha so you already know its good. It also has tempeh (protein), brown rice, and all the veggies you want to add (seriously just add what you want it’ll be fine).

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