Thai Red Curry

This recipe is an absolute staple for us. To the point where “curry Sundays” are a thing. It is absolutely delicious, easy to make, easy to add and substitute favorites to, and will definitely have you craving it week after week.

Now i hate recipes I find where there is like a 6 paragraph story about the couple and their dog before you can get to the good stuff. Not here. Recipe below, story not included.


Serving size 2


·       13 oz coconut milk (1 can)

·       1 tsp red curry paste

·       1 tsp sugar

·       1 tbsp chili garlic sauce (increase for more spice)

·       ½ cup bamboo shoots

·       ½ red pepper

·       1 cup broccoli

·       ½ half block tofu

·       ½ tbsp cooking oil

·       1 cup jasmine rice

·       1 cup water


1.       Heat 1 cup water until boiling and poor 1 cup jasmine rice into reduce heat to low and cover for 15 minutes or until all water absorbed

2.       Dice tofu into small pieces

3.       Cut red pepper into thin slices and broccoli into small pieces

4.       Heat medium sauce pan on medium heat with cooking oil (we use olive oil)

5.       Add tofu and cook until desired (we cook until outside is a little browned)

6.       Add coconut milk into sauce pan with sugar, chili garlic sauce, curry paste and stir until well mixed

7.       Add bamboo shoots, red pepper, broccoli to sauce pan

8.       Bring sauce pan to a simmer and reduce heat to medium low

9.       Continue to simmer for 10 minutes (stir occasionally)

10.   Add rice to bowls and pour sauce mixture over rice

thai curry


Unfortunately, the recipe is not package free. We are working toward trying to find recipes for the some of the packaged items on the list (tofu, chili garlic sauce, red curry paste, coconut milk, bamboo shoots).  The tofu and bamboo shoots are the most difficult to find without packaging.  The others you can find more recipes all over the internet.

Most Thai restaurants serve their red curry’s with green beans and basil leaves. We do broccoli instead of green beans because we buy it every week.  The basil leaves give it another flavor to the curry (not ruining the base), but Mrs. Mindful does not like basil 😊.  You can also add other types of veggies to the recipe to make it your own.

Lessons learned making this curry:

Don’t over do it with the curry paste.  We struggle to get the flavor right.  We were adding too much paste causing all of the sweet coconut flavor to go away. 

vegan curry

The tofu needs to be browned because it will fall apart in the sauce if it is not.

White jasmine rice makes a big difference in flavor compared to brown rice. 

Try this at home and let us know what you think!