Vegans Guide to Backpacking

This past summer my husband and I did some backcountry camping in the badlands and the Black Hills. Hiking on average 10-12 miles a day. With that much activity it is super important to get enough caloric fuel to help you feel your best! I am outlining the different meals we did that allowed us to both eat a vegan diet with enough protein, fat, carbs, sugar to feel good while taking in some gorgeous views.


Disclaimer: we used a food dehydrator and it made a huge difference in allowing us to make a lot of our own meals. If you do not own one, I recommend trying to borrow one or look on facebook marketplace to purchase one of your own




We ground up and mixed oats, coconut milk, PB2, vegan protein powder, and some brown sugar. We cooked it on our jetboil and added some trail mix on top each morning.



Dehydrated hummus (rehydrated with water)

Dehydrated black bean dip (rehydrated with water)

PB2 (add water to make “peanut butter”)

Pita breads

Dried Fruit


We would each eat about 2.5 pita breads with either hummus, bean dip, or peanut butter. We also had dried apricots.




Trail mix

Gummy bears

Cliff bars (check the packaging to make sure they are vegan!)



Thai Rice with tofu

Mexican Rice with tofu

Soy Sauce and Chili Rice with Tofu

Mac n Cheese


 We made one giant bag of dehydrated tofu and veggies and added to each of the rice dishes. We also used instant rice that we were able to cook with our jet boil. Then we had small spice jars filled with Mexican inspired spices (cumin, paprika, cayenne), soy sauce and garlic chili sauce, and thai ginger sauce. For the mac n cheese we made a simple almond cheese and then dehydrated it so it was like a powder that could be re-hydrated with the noodles.


By dehydrating our food, we were able to maintain a vegan diet and also package a lot of stuff ourselves to avoid unnecessary waste. Another bonus to backpacking and eating vegan is that we didn’t have to worry as much about wildlife being attracted to things like meat products. It was still definitely we took precautions against but it wasn’t as worrisome.


I would love to know if you try any recipes or drop your tips and tricks for backpacking and camping below!