Meditative Coloring: Mini Post

This is a mini-post with a freebie attached! Over the past couple of years coloring has exploded in adult populations. It is largely marketed as a way to relax, and with good reason!

meditative coloring

Studies show that the repetitive nature of adult coloring helps relax the mind.

This relaxed state of mind is similar to the state of mind you get into when meditating. While I am reticent to claim the coloring is a form of meditation I do believe it is a great practice in mindfulness and can have a huge impact on your stress levels.

While you’re coloring, you can enter into a present, trance-like state that allows you to tune out and power down parts of your brain that run amok all day.

While I love a good adult coloring book, I often find them more overwhelming than helpful. The amount of detail is frustrating and often takes too long or too much focus to do a “good job”

I created these simple, free coloring pages that you can do and you can share with kids! They are simple and repetitive. They will help you power down and reduce stress, and hey! They are free so what do you have to lose!

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