Diaries of a Woo Woo

woo woo

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? I used to be a “namago” girl. Meaning I would bust my ass in yoga but the second that savasana started I boogied. I was high pace all the time and stressed like crazy. You know what happened as a result. My body threw up red flag after red flag until I found myself getting a colonoscopy at the age of 26 to find out what was wrong with me.


Surprise surprise, physically I looked fine, everything was ok. So that led me to turn inward a little more and start to really look at my life. First and foremost I changed my diet. I had been a pescatarian for years and knew dairy upset me so I decided to go full on vegan. Cutting out dairy and fish felt good and I felt this tug at my heart to keep going on the path I was on. That led me to a variety of ways to get in touch with myself, listen to my soul, and find my highest alignment (all of which I am still very much working on). I plan on going into far greater detail about all of these things in future posts but for now here is an overview of some of the big time “woo woo” shit I’ve been digging as of late.


1.       Yoga

Alright, I know. This is like entry-level woo woo. However, yoga has made a huge difference in my body and mind. Yoga can be truly transformative if you are willing to show up.

2.       Meditation

As a reformed namago girl the thought of sitting in stillness and breathing terrified me. Honestly, I would get restless and frustrated and hate every second of the first 20 times I meditated. But then on the 21st time is surrendered and found a bit of peace. Its gotten “easier” each time since.

3.       Crystals

I won’t lie to you, I am dippin my toes into the crystal world. While I love it so far I have a lot to learn. I can tell you that amethyst is magic and having crystals placed on each of your chakras during meditation is a total game changer.

4.       Essential oils

I swear to you these plant-based oils are effective as hell. I got sick a LOT this winter. Like I am talking pink eye 3 times in 2 weeks. And as a last resort, I reached for the oils. Needless to say, they are the first thing I grab for physical ailments as well as centering, meditations, and aromatherapy.

5.       Natal charts

I am already so excited to share with you the little bit I do know about natal charts and the moon and everything I am looking forward to learning (you should see my stack of books). But elevator pitch: your natal chart is your astrology birth chart that tracks the planets at the exact moment you were born. You can learn so many fascinating things from your natal chart and it is a great peek into your true self.

6.       Intuition and Manifesting

Intuition is that little feeling in your gut or that little voice inside that calls you or pulls you to do something. Manifesting is all about energy and thoughts and operating at a vibration of what you want (or don’t want to happen)!


So there you have it all of the mystical and spiritual ways i am working to heal my body and mind! Tell me: How much of a woo woo girl are you?