5 to Thrive: How to Be Your Best and Happiest Self

I don’t know about you guys but when I get into something I am all-freaking-in. When I read a book, I like I immediately find everything that author has ever written and try to absorb it as fast as possible. When I find a podcast, I enjoy I binge on it. Netflix show? Forget about it, I am not leaving the house until I have watched #alltheepisodes. Anyways…my latest obsession is Rachel Hollis. This woman is a powerhouse of inspiration and feel good vibes. If you have not read Girl Wash Your Face yet, I encourage you to stop what you’re doing and go get it, ill wait.


So, while reading Girl Wash Your Face I learned about Rachel’s (yes, we are on a first name basis) “5 to Thrive”. They are the 5 things she does every single day to improve her life. Rachel’s 5 to Thrive were:

1.       Drink half your body weight (in ounces!) every single day


2.       Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day


3.       Give up one food that you know is bad for you


4.       Wake up one hour earlier


5.       Write 10 things you are grateful for



Right? I mean…straight wisdom pourin’ out from this girl. If you know me at all you know I luhhhve self-improvement and I luhhhve a good list. So, I figured I would think about my 5 to thrive. What 5 things do I need to do every single day to be my best and happiest self? Here goes:


1.       Fuel your body appropriately. That means eat all the fruits and veggies and drink all the water but when your body wants some fries, eat the dang fries.


2.       Move your body for at least 60 minutes in the way that feels good. Usually, this is yoga but sometimes it's biking, or running, or walking around the neighborhood.


3.       Meditate. I wish I could say I do this every single day, but I can say that the days that I do it I am more able to thrive


4.       Connect with humans. Whether it is showing your appreciation for a co-worker, calling your mom, or lovin’ on your partner. Human connection is what it’s all about


5.       Read for at least 15 minutes every day. I am at my best with a good book in my lap and a coffee in my hand.


So, tell me what five things help you thrive?