5 Wellness Podcasts That Just Might Change Your Life

Let me start off by saying that I was not a podcast lover until recently. I was perfectly happy listening to music or some talk radio in the car and was none the wiser about the goldmine that is podcasts. In my defense, my only podcast exposure until the last year or so was my husband’s internet security podcast and as interesting as that is to him it did not inspire me to dive into the podcast world. However, I got turned on to podcasts by listening to Jenna Kutcher’s Goaldigger podcast and since then I have gone down quite the rabbit hole…like to the point where the only music I listen to is in long car rides or working out.

These 5 wellness podcasts have opened my mind, introduced me to new practices, and have very much had a lasting impact on how I live my life. I encourage you to give one or all of them a try!


1)      Almost 30

almost 30.png

I can’t stop raving about this show! I love every episode that I have listened to. They cover a broad range of topics from diet, exercise, sex, hormones, and they delve into the woo-woo world of crystals, reiki, and intuition. With over 120 episodes you can learn so much from these ladies and they are so fucking funny you’ll just want to be best friends.


2)      Cosmic Calling

cosmic calling.png


This is a new podcast that just launched at the end of May. The Cosmic Calling comes from Soulshine Astrology. This podcast really focuses on natal charts, the moon, the planets, and all things astrology. It is jampacked with information but Natalie does a great job of breaking It down and relating it all to you, the listener.

3)      Chasing Joy

chasing joy.png

Chasing Joy has been a new one I added to my list recently but I’m enjoying delving in a little more. Georgie Morley talks all about manifestation, limiting beliefs, and solopreneurship. Her podcast focuses on aspects of wellness that bring you energy and joy! She has done some Q+A episodes recently so I recommend going back a little bit and starting with a more standard episode!

4)      10% Happier

10% Happier.png

I loved Dan Harris’ book 10% Happier and this is a podcast that continues in that same vein. I love that Dan Harris takes a scientific approach to meditation the effect it can have on your day to day life. I also appreciate his realistic way of looking at meditation and the challenges one can have when they are first starting a meditation practice. If you are a little wary of the woo-woo I highly recommend starting with this podcast!

5)      The Lively Show

Lively Show.png

This podcast is the MOTHER of all things manifestation. Again, like 10% Happier, Jess Lively looks at manifestation and law of attraction on a scientific level. This girl knows her shit, she breaks it all down and makes it easier for us mere mortals to understand. Jess recently announced a hiatus from The Lively Show but with over 250 episodes there is plenty there for you to explore.


So tell me have you listened to any of these? Did I miss any?