The Life-Changing Magic of Affirmations

Affirmations are nothing new. They are becoming more and more popular to use as the rise of self-development becomes more and more apparent.

Basically, why I like to use affirmations to re-train my brain and break down some of the more limiting beliefs or stories that I have told myself for years, sometimes since childhood (eep!).


What affirmations are

Affirmations are a positive, present tense statement. When used with consistency, affirmations can help unravel old stories or beliefs and help you better yourself and introduce more positivity to your life. Affirmations can help rewrite old, limiting thoughts. Affirmations can also serve, at first, as a counter balance to negative thought (example: I am fat can be changed to I have a strong and healthy body). Over time these affirmations replace the old, negative thoughts and allow you to achieve more and to feel better doing it.

It is important with affirmations to write them in the present tense because the mind will cling to the verbiage. If you write something as “I will”, your mind will perceive the future tense as a hurdle and not believe in the affirmation. Instead, it is more powerful to write affirmations as if they are already happening, “I am” statements.

How to use affirmations

I recommend using your affirmations throughout the day. For example, I have my current affirmations written on my bathroom mirror, as a background on my phone, and on a post-it at work. This way I am seeing and reading these affirmations when I wake up, every time I check my phone, at work, and before I go to bed. The repeated exposure to these words makes them more and more effective.


I made some really pretty affirmations that can be downloaded and printed for you at home! I made them the size of a business card so that you can easily cut them and put them in your wallet!


I would love to know, what are some of your go-to affirmations?