How to Ditch Your Soda Addiction For Good


A big part of overall wellness is taking care of your body. As someone who was addicted to diet coke in the worst possible way, I know first-hand just how brutal a soda habit can be on your diet, on your skin, and on your body. We all know how terrible soda is for us, but in case you have had your head in the sand (been there) here are just a few of the horrifying statistics of the effect’s soda has on you:

It erodes the enamel on your teeth

It can promote the development of kidney stones

It can interfere with reproductive health

 It causes a spike in blood sugar

It can lead to obesity and diabetes


Those are just naming a few and the diet garbage that yours truly used to drink is even worse! I went through cycles where I would quit cold turkey, be doing really well, but then find myself having a soda as a mixer, then a couple of times a week, until I was back to my daily habit. Anyone relate? Below are some ways that I kicked the habit for good!



Drink sparkling water

              I quickly realized that what I love most about diet coke and other sodas is the carbonation. So, every time I would find myself with a soda hankering, I would instead reach for LaCroix. Now, from a waste perspective this was not ideal so eventually I ended up investing in a soda stream which is what I use now when I find myself wanting a little bubbly treat.

Add fruit to your water

              Just substituting plain old water was not going to be enough for me to drop the diet coke so instead I had to come up with ways to make water taste more appealing to me. I started adding lemon, strawberry, lime, and other fruits to jazz up my beverage and make it a more enticing option.

Keep a habit tracker

              Pinterest “bullet journal habit trackers” and find one that you like and will be able to keep up with. Draw your own version and keep track of days that you do not drink soda. There is something so gratifying about checking a box or coloring in a day that you can see with your own eyes your good choices laid out in front of you. Soon, you will have so many consecutive days colored in that you won’t want to break your streak!


Have a contingency plan

              Just have a backup plan that works for you. So, for example: “When I am craving a soda, I will instead drink 10 ounces of water” or “When I really want a diet coke, I will take a five-minute walk instead”. Having a back up plan in place will help you for those times that the cravings just take you by surprise!


Tell people about it

              Make it known you no longer drink soda. Tell everyone about it. Make so much noise about the fact that you are quitting a bad habit that it would be embarrassing or a letdown to then have to take it all back. I find if I can proclaim something to enough people then it helps me stay on track when going back to old habits would be the easier way out.


 Are you struggling with a soda addiction? What are some things you do to try to limit your intake?