5 Netflix Documentaries That Will Change Your Life

Each of these documentaries shed light on a topic that I consider crucial to living an intentional, well, and sustainable life. When I watch documentaries, I go in with the hopes that I learn something because if I know better, I can do better. These documentaries served that purpose ten-fold. If you are ready to make some shifts in your life and mindset watch any or all of these videos!




Stink! (2015)

I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about toxins that exist in our homes and how to avoid them. Even with being informed on the subject, I found myself outraged over some of the information in this documentary. If you are ready to learn about things you welcome into your home environment that can prove to be toxic to your health and to the health of those you live with then I encourage you to watch this documentary.


Minimalism (2015)

This documentary spoke to that little space inside me that felt that this pursuit of more, more, more wasn’t making me happy. Watching videos of people trample one another for more stuff is sickening. This documentary shines light on how simple can be better, that more doesn’t always mean happier. After watching this documentary, I walked around my house with a new perspective and took in all of the unnecessary stuff that cluttered my space. The was the original Marie Kondo and a really eye-opening experience.



The True Cost (2015)

I changed the way I shopped after watching this documentary. Watching it will cause you to re-evaluate the clothes you choose to wear and what their impact is (beyond how cute they look or how cheap they are). If you are ready to let your dollars act as a voice for how you feel about issues like fair trade and labor laws then watch this documentary.



Planet Earth (2006)

I had to include this because I think watching any documentary like Planet Earth (Blue Planet, Disney Earth, etc.) helps to put everything in perspective. I think it is so easy to get caught up in the scary and the negative when it comes to sustainability, global warming, etc. Watching documentaries like Planet Earth reminds me of why I choose to live the way I do. They are fascinating to watch and remind you of how incredible our planet is and why it needs to be cherished and protected.




What the Health (2017)

This is one of the documentaries that can lead to a drastically different diet. I am not one to force my veganism upon people but I do believe that people should at least be aware of what they consume. If you know what you are eating and the process of how it’s made and you still choose to consume it, that’s fine. But I think choosing ignorance because you don’t want to be aware is not a healthy approach. Awareness is key, informed choices are important, and this documentary can help inform you.

Watching any one of these documentaries, i think, can lead to a dramatic change in lifestyle and viewpoint. There are, of course, many others but these are great “introductory” documentaries that can inform you and cause you to think about how you are choosing to live your life. Have you watched any of these?