5 Health and Wellness Apps That Will Improve Your Life

Your phone is the one thing that is almost guaranteed to be on your person at all times. That being said, why not make it work for you and use it to help you along your health and wellness journey? Below are 5 apps that I love to use! 



Buddhify is an awesome meditation app that helped me get started with my meditation practice and also helps me reset when I slip and don’t do it for a few days. The really great thing about Buddhify is that there are different sections of meditations like travel, walking, waking up, going to sleep, meditation 101, and a ton more! I guarantee you find at least 1 meditation that suits you!


Happy Cow

This little app is a game changer when traveling. You can put in your location and it will generate a list or map view of all vegan and/or vegetarian restaurants near you! I used this for every single meal when we traveled to Spain this summer and use it every time we are in a new city. It takes a lot of the stress out of finding a place to eat where you can actually…you know…eat.


Vegan Express

Another go to. This handy-dandy little app allows you to search foods, candies, snacks that are vegan as well as gives you vegan options at tons of restaurants like Panera, California Pizza Kitchen, Chipotle, Olive Garden, etc. It takes all of the guesswork out of what to order and saves you from asking the kitchen staff 12,000 questions!


Think Dirty

I talked about this one a while ago in my blog post “The One App You Need To Go Toxin Free”  but it is so good that it bears repeating. This app allows you to scan common household products, makeup, and hair care and it generates a toxicity rating out of 10. It also gives you the ingredients in the product and color codes them by toxicity. If you are looking to make the switch to fewer toxins in your daily routine (and let’s be honest who ISN’T looking for that) then download this app. If anything it is interesting to take a look at what you are using, I know I was blown away!



I have talked about this app in detail in my blog posts “Your Astrological Sign and What It Means” and “Diving Deeper Into Astrology” but this app is a wealth of knowledge. I personally love how it updates every day with different aspects of you and your life and how they relate to the cosmos, I know I was stunned by how spot on it has been and it is often where I go to look at what’ s going on when I feel a little “off” in a certain area of my life.

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