January Alignment

Holy buckets man! It has been a minute since I have done this! We are 28 days into this new year and 2019 is awesome so far! I thought it would be awesome to share things that have been bringing me joy and alignment lately. These are five things that have really been centering and grounding me lately.



1.       My morning routine.

I know this was number one on my list back in September. But honestly? I love my morning routine. It consistently brings me joy, lands itself on my gratitude list, and starts my day off really really well! I use this time to enjoy my coffee slowly, instead of chugging it in the car like I used to. I meditate and then I take time to read, draw, paint, or write. This combination of slow, simple, and creative honestly brings me so much joy.

2.       Gratitude list


This is hands down one of the best things I started in 2018. I write down 5 things every morning that I am grateful for. Then before bed I list at least ten things, specific to that day, that I am grateful for. This practice has allowed me to appreciate my life infinitely more and find joy in the simple things.


3.       Home Yoga


Once I started yoga teacher training (see THIS POST as to why), I realized that I should use this time to build up a strong home yoga practice. My goal is to begin teaching yoga this summer upon completion of YTT. Teaching yoga is different than practicing. Both are incredible but I realized that if I were to maintain and grow my love of yoga, I would need to find a way to practice once my schedule fills up with classes. I have begun leading my own yoga practice at home at least 1-2 times a week and so far, I am loving it!


4.       Painting


Lord you guys I think my heart and inspiration have been lit on frickin fire. I have found an intense joy and passion in painting and am drawn to it whenever I have a spare half hour or more. If you would like to see my paintings head to my Instagram @_livingmindfully or keep an eye out for postings to go up on my etsy shop later this month!


5.       Less TV

One of my resolutions or goals for the new year is to watch less than 3 hours of tv a week. I am only a few weeks in, and with the exception of being sick one weekend, I have been very successful coming in under 3 hours a week! Without as much tv, I find that I have so much more time to do things that fill my cup like paint or read. It has also allowed me to have more quality time with my husband and feel closer to him.


So let me know, what has been bringing you joy this month?