My Meditation Toolbox

I will be the first one to admit: meditation is hella hard. As someone who prides themselves on their ability to get shit done the thought of sitting still and (gasp) silent for any period of time was downright scary. Today I am going to share just a few things that either inspired my practice or help make it easier on the days that I have a squirrel’s brain.



If you want to know the science behind meditation:

10% Happier” by Dan Harris. This book is an awesome look at meditation through a more scientific lens. Dan Harris is known for having a panic attack on air of a very popular morning news show. As a result he tries to turn to meditation to help him become “10% Happier” but encounters the same difficulties anyone who has tried to meditate has come up against. I particularly enjoy his written description of his mental process while away on a 10-day meditation retreat. If you have ever wondered what the heck is so great about meditation and if you should give it a try, start here with this book!


Apps that will help you get into your practice:


Buddhify is my go to for guided meditations. You can find a meditation for any mood from going to sleep to taking off in an airplane. All you have to do is find a quiet spot and sit and team Buddhify takes care of the rest for you.


Look up 432hz music, push play, and close your eyes. There is something about this music that makes your mind quiet down and makes meditation downright enjoyable.

Insight Timer

This app also has some guided meditations but I use it mostly for the timer aspect, it has a really soothing bell sounds that start and end your meditation time. This allows me to stop checking my phone to see how much time has passed. You can also set interval bells if you are really struggling with the time aspect.


Physical products to help you meditate:


I ordered this mala from and love to hold it in my hands while I meditated. Traditionally, with a mala, you pick a mantra and recite it 108 times (1 time for each bead) and work your way around the necklace. This helps give your mind something to focus on and work your way into a more sustainable meditation practice.


I love to use essential oils in my meditation. The act of applying oils puts me in the right headspace and then smelling them during my practice allows me to be really present. Some of my favorites are lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, and grapefruit.


Depending on what you are meditating on you can choose a crystal to help you meditated. I practice with crystals by either holding them in my hands or placing them on my body. It allows me to have awareness of their presence and to meditate on whatever that crystal represents for me.


These are the things that helped me, by no means are they a magic bullet. Maybe your thing will be laying with your pupper or classical music. Whatever works for you, lean into that.