Diving Deeper Into Astrology: Interpreting Natal Charts

Alright, this post is for all you folks out there who know a little bit about your sign but are looking to get into more of the nitty-gritty of it all. Warning: this post is pretty woo-woo so I recommend comin at it with an open mind!

Note: you haven’t seen your natal chart yet go to Co-Star and input your information.


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Alright before we begin interpreting your natal chart we need to first understand what a natal chart is! According to Co-Star Astrology your natal chat is a snapshot of the sky based on the day, time, and place you were born. Natal charts indicate your character, behaviors, and can look at what directions your life may take!

Now that you have your natal chart info put in your chart should look something like this:


Natal Chart Basic.png

Photo from Co-Star                                                                                                                                              

I have already discussed Sun, Moon and Rising signs, this is the first “layer” of your chart, in a previous blog post so if you want read more about that i suggest reading this blog post

We are going to take a look at the houses, the second layer of your chart’ and I will give you a brief summary of each house, the bulk of this information came from The Soul Searcher’s Handbook by Emma Mildon.

First House/Me:

This is your rising sign and shows how you project yourself to others.

Second House/Manifest:

This house is influenced by universal laws and laws of attraction

Third House/Exploration:

This house influences love and relationships

Fourth House/Home:

This house is all about settling, grounding, and setting down roots

Fifth House/ Expression:

Think creativity, children, love

Sixth House/ Daily:

This is all about self- love and your daily life

Seventh House/ Union:

This house influences all partnerships, romantic or otherwise

Eight House/ Transformation:

This house is all about personal growth

Ninth House/ Spirituality:

Soul searching, spirituality, religion, and adventure

Tenth House/ Vision:

This house brings clarity in regards to goals and career

Eleventh House/ Humanitarian:

Thinking beyond yourself and engaging with your community

Twelfth House/ Sacrifice:

Challenges and sacrifices you may face reaching your goals


Whew! My head was spinning when I learned about all of this and this doesn’t even touch on all of the lines and glyphs involved! Pulling it all together is where you really get to know yourself. Let’s use my natal chart as an example (i.e. let's make it all about me)


I was born October 18, 1991, at 9:20 am in Illinois. When I look at my natal chart it looks like this

Natal Chart Personal.png


Some big takeaways I notice is that the sun is in the eleventh house. This means that I am unique and look to treat everyone as an equal (remember the eleventh house is the humanitarian house). I then notice that the moon is in the third house, the exploration house. This means I am curious and communicative and that I have a tendency to follow hunches.


 If you want to learn more about your natal chart and what it means follow along with Co-Star and download their app!

Tell me below! How closely aligned did you feel with your natal chart?