September Alignment

September has come and gone in the blink of an eye. I look forward to October because I love fall and my birthday falls in this month! September was a great, busy month filled with time with family, friends, and snuggles on the couch.


Here are some of the things that brought me into alignment and gave me joy over the month of September


1.       Quiet mornings to myself

I have been waking up at 5am everyday to take an hour or so to myself to work on whatever I want; whether it be drawing, working on the blog, or batching IG posts. I also take this time to savor a cup of coffee and meditate. As a result, I have developed a daily meditation practice. I started at 5 minutes and I am up to twelve and am loving that quiet, centering time in the am.

2.       Date Night

As a result of my obsession with all things Rachel Hollis (see this post) my husband and I started to do a weekly date night. We plan date night on Tuesday because rarely do we have anything going on those nights. While we have always been really intentional about our time together its been pretty great to lock our phones away, and truly focus on each other and give our relationship 110% of our focus and energy.


3.       Hot Yoga

What started as my nemesis has transformed into a true love affair (see this post and this post for examples). I love getting a super cleansing sweat on and push myself to get deeper into the poses. They also give you a cold towel for your forehead during savasana and I swear you guys sometimes that’s my #1 motivator.


4.       Manifesting Podcasts

“The Lively Show” and “Sexy Soul Radio” have been knockin my socks off lately. I love al of the discussions about dismantling limiting beliefs, honoring the divine feminine, and manifesting the shit out of your own life. Its all about playing big with this life we’ve been given.


5.       Spearmint + Orange essential oil blends

Don’t know why but this blend has been a staple in my house this month. It is so fresh and uplifting.


I would LOVE to know what has been bringing you joy this month!