The Skincare Tool You Need To Try

These stone rollers are becoming super trendy and are popping up all over the internet. The most popular stones used are jade and rose quartz, both stones are touted for their healing properties. I have an agate roller because that’s what I felt most drawn to at the shop. Even if you are a stone skeptic, they are much prettier than a standard ice roller.




·       Closes pores

·       Reduces puffiness around your eyes

·       Reduces the appearance of bags

·       Stimulates lymphatic drainage

·       Improves circulation

·       Soothes inflammation

·       Improves elasticity of the skin



How to use it:

First two big tips, go slow and light. Roll like you love your skin (because you do!). Also, Try putting it in the refrigerator, the cooling effect is so nice and relaxing! I like to put my face serum and oil on and then use my roller, I find it helps distribute the oil better and it glides easier on my skin.


Using the small side of your roller lightly roll from the bridge of your nose out to the outer corner of your eye. Don’t roll back and forth! Instead, roll out and then go back to where you started and roll out again. I do this a few times. Then close your eyes and roll from the inside corner to the outside corner of your eyelid, remember don’t push to hard!


I use the large side of my roller and start at my chin and roll out and up towards my ear. This is supposed to help with lymphatic drainage and you need to roll up and out! Don’t roll back and forth, instead, roll up and out and then go back to your chin and repeat.

Then, using the large side of the roller, I roll from the center of my face up and out towards my temples. I personally think it is helping with puffiness in my cheeks and face!


Using the large side of my roller I start in the middle of my forehead and roll out towards my temples. I do each side separately and am sure not to roll back and forth!


Using the large side of my roller I start at the top of my neck and roll downwards to promote that lymphatic drainage.


I love using this roller! It is most definitely not a need but it’s pretty, feels good, and I use mine every day. I would say it is for sure a need to try and then decide if it is for you! I haven’t used it long enough to say if it has reduced fine lines or anything like that but I know it has helped with some of the puffiness around my eyes and face!

Have you used this tool? I would love to hear all about it!