Your Astrological Sign & What It Means

I didn’t use to place a lot of faith in my signs or astrology, until I learned more about it. The more I learned about it the more I really resonated with how closely my signs made up who I am. I am going to walk you through the 3 basic parts of your natal chart and what they mean. The bulk of the information I am providing is from Co-Star and I HIGHLY recommend downloading the app and getting to know yourself better.



The basics:

Sun sign

The sun sign is probably the one you are most familiar with. For example, I was born on October 18th so my sun sign is a Libra. The more interesting piece is what your sun sign truly is. Your sun sign is your core. It is your ego, identity, and role in life. As a libra, I am all about balance and fairness, spot on.

Moon sign

Here’s where we get a little deeper and more interesting in my opinion. Your moon sign is what you most think of yourself as, or your reflection of your personality. My moon sign is in Aquarius which means I am observant and intuitive. This is when i started to take this a little more seriously and realized how closely aligned my signs were with how i was day to day.

Rising Sign

Finally, your rising sign. Your rising sign is the mask that you portray to the world. I kind of think of it as your walls, they are what people experience when they first meet you. My rising sign is in Scorpio which means that I am passionate and have intense drive. If you ask anyone who works with me they can back that up!



So there ya have it! I highly recommend downloading the Co-Star app and inputting your information. You will need your birth place, birth time (within 2 hours), and your birthplace. The coolest part is the app updates you as the moon and earth move and what you can expect in different areas of your life. Tell me below how accurate you think it is!