My Week of Yoga: All About Routine

This was one of your run of the mill, standard weeks, I made all of my classes without hiccups and enjoyed each and every one of them! Hot yoga, something that at one point was a struggle, is now one of my favorite aspects of my practice. As an added bonus Mr. Mindful and my brother joined me for my Saturday morning vinyasa flow practice.



As the weather cools down hot yoga is getting PACKED! This class was almost too full, like we were on top of each other. Another unanticipated facet of so many new yogi friends is the increase in temperature. Holy buckets did it get hot in there. I was absolutely drenched by then end of class.

Class focused on one breath, one movement so we were really flowing quite quickly. We did two different flows twice through each, the first time we would go slower and pick it up for the second pass. I really enjoyed this structure to class.


We had a charity thing Tuesday evening so I woke up and practiced before work. I did this video with Yoga By Candace and followed it up with a chakra opening meditation. It was a really wonderful way to start the day and I am so grateful that I was able to squeeze it in.


Logged some cardio time before my yogalates class. We are still focusing on holding a low chaturanga, EPK II pose, and handstands. I am trying hard to transition from EPK II to chin stand but have been faceplanting instead. It has been fun to try this new transition and who knows, maybe by months end I will stick it! As for handstands, I instead practiced my forearm stand and was once again able to get up, stay up, and hold it away from the wall. I feel like I had a breakthrough last week and am excited to see where I am in a few more weeks.


Thursday was my birthday! I was gifted the most incredible new yoga mat. I spent time with my husband and only played on my new mat for about 20 minutes but I can already tell we are going to have a lot of fun together.




My husband and brother joined me for the 75-minute vinyasa class today! It was awesome to have them there and it was my brothers very first yoga class! It was the perfect blend of long holds, slow flows, and proper alignment. I have been pushing myself to hold poses longer and to practice wheel more often and it is definitely paying off!


Today’s 75- minute hot yoga class was wonderful! We started off at 111 degrees and ended at 104. It was a grueling beginning but really helps to open up and not be quite so stiff. We also played around with a couple of new crow variations which provided a fun challenge.

Strength-Based Class: 1 hour

Vinyasa Class: 1 hour 15 minutes

Self-Practice: 55 minutes

Hot Yoga Class: 2 hour 15 minutes

Total: 5 hours 25 minutes