My Week of Yoga: Accepting What Is

Some weeks just aren’t your weeks you know? This week had sore backs, lack mat time, and a jumbled schedule. But I am so appreciative of the time I did get on my mat.



Every so often I wake up in the morning and really mess up my lower back pulling on pants. It makes me feel like I’m about 1,000 years old and it hurts reaaalll bad. Monday was unfortunately one of those times. I spent the day with an icy/hot patch on my lower back and doing the worlds slowest child’s pose on the floor of my classroom while the kids were at specials.  Luckily, by the end of the day it was so much sharp pains but an every so often kind of twinge. I went to yoga telling myself to listen to my body and take it easy, do what feels good and back off of the rest.

Turns out my ego did not like that and I grew more and more frustrated as the class went on. I was cranky leaving class and frustrated at myself for being cranky. It is so interesting to be able to recognize and examine these thoughts, still working on being able to separate from them.


Pulling in more cardio and strength training makes it tricky to do as much yoga as I would like. I followed up my gym session with 20 minutes of hamstrings, upper back, and a bit of pincha play.


Logged some cardio time before my yogalates class. New month means new flow in the class and this month’s flow had poses like a held chaturanga, flying lizard pose, and handstands. I love this class because it really feels like adult play, like you’re a kid learning how to cartwheel.

Flying lizard pose is hilarious to me because I can nail it without fail on my right side and nearly always fall on my face on the left side.


Got in 20 minutes of self-practice at the gym after some strength training. Doing yoga at the gym is so distracting it doesn’t “feel” like yoga it just feels like stretching. I much prefer a quieter setting where I can center a bit more but sometimes you have to be flexible. (get it?)


Rested and did a slow 15-minute flow at home while watching the Office with the husband. It entailed long holds and hanging out in frog pose for a while.


20 minute morning flow. I always have to take it so easy in the morning because my body tightens up like crazy when I sleep but its amazing how much more open I feel after even just 20 minutes


60 minutes at home with this Yoga By Candace vinyasa flow. I finished it off with practicing pincha and flying lizard. The beauty of home yoga is play time right?


Strength-Based Class: 60 minutes

Self-Practice: 1 hour 55 minutes

Hot Yoga Class: 1 hour

Total: 3 hours 55 minutes