My Week of Yoga: The Beginning

Hi All! I was so inspired by fellow yoga badass Somewhat_Rad's (check her out on the gram) yoga blog that I decided I wanted to adopt my own. This will be a way of sharing what I am doing and holding myself accountable! I plan to shoot for every week posting one but it may be every other week...we shall see! Let's dive in and get a lil flexy!

Being a school teacher means that my summers are “off”. I am very fortunate to have found 2 teachers in my area who give me the dynamic, athletic yoga that my body craves. Between these two teachers, I have 5/7 days of yoga covered with the rest left up to me for personal practice.




Hour of challenging vinyasa flow yoga. This class focuses on the breath with an emphasis on community breath in the beginning. Having never done this before I truly love the thought of breathing together as one and sharing our practice. Today's practice focused a lot on lunges and stretching out our hips as well as some arm balances like 8 angle pose. I am working on getting my leg more parallel to the mat during pigeon and as a result cannot sink down as far as I am used to. This is a shot to my ego but it definitely feels like more of a stretch in my hips now.



Tuesday/Thursday has this super challenging athletic yoga that focuses a lot on leg and core strength and we always finish with an inversion. The teacher creates a monthly flow and we work on it all month long. This is an excellent way to see progress in a shorter amount of time and to celebrate the little wins that make up the greater journey. This month we are focusing on handstands and while I cannot hold it away from the walk for any amount of time I have noticed that I can kick up from down dog now instead of having to flip myself up from standing…little celebrations is what it is all about.



Hour vinyasa flow, not as athletic but definite emphasis on long holds. The instructor does a great job of coming and giving little pushes to help you find your edge and also has a magic touch when it comes to helping you find correct alignment.


She ended class with a 10 minute guided meditation. I had never participated in group meditation before but it was truly truly wonderful to experience.


Also did 30-minute flow with my husband capped off with 10 minutes of acro play. We are just learning but it is a great way to spend time together while also developing some pretty dope communication skills.



Back to my athletic class. Really pushed it this time. I did one handstand but then focused on forearm stands for the rest of the time. Getting more hang time and slowly inching myself away from the wall. This posture is definite yoga goals for me and I have been working on it forever. Been building up with lots of dolphin pose practice and holds and that has made all the difference.



Gentle yoga flow. Definitely, a slower pace than I like but the instructor does an awesome job of cuing more difficult poses if you want to push yourself. She also started the class off with a lavender and peppermint essential oil cocktail for anyone interested. It really helped channel all those relaxing vibes.



30-minute morning yoga with an emphasis on legs, husband joined in the fun. Did some sun salutations to warm the body up. Followed by warriors 1 and 2 and some static triangle holds. Finished up with some hip openers (pigeon and cobblers pose) as well as shoelace pose.

Finished off with 15 minutes of acro play. It's so fun to be able to play and be silly at the end of a practice.



Morning flows again, about 40 minutes. Lots of down dogs, hamstring stretches and stretching out the IT bands. Finished off by laying on my yoga wheel and opening my heart and back.



Self-Practice: 1 hour 30 minutes

Strength-Based Classes: 3 hours

Gentle Flexibility Classes: 2 hours

Total: 6 hours 30 minutes