My Week of Yoga: Back At It

And after a week of indulgence, hiking, and less yoga than I am used to we came home and just like that fell back into a routine. I had two professional development days this week and couldn’t make my regularly scheduled classes but subbed with some youtube videos and self-guided practice. I have one week left before school starts back so I am trying to appreciate all the classes and soak up my last bits of summer!




This was the first of my professional development days so I did not get to go to my normal class but I was able to do this afternoon power flow yoga video with Yoga by Candace. It was the perfect blend of flexibility and strength. I ended the video with some pincha play and worked on stretching my inner and outer hips.


The last of the professional development days, I spent two days sitting in a chair for the majority of the workday. As a teacher and a generally mobile person this was a struggle. I even ended up doing some calf, hamstring, and seated hip stretches while I was there. When I got home I did a cultivate your core video by the Journey Junkie. Whew you guys this was a toughie but I know how crucial a strong core is for those arm balances and inversions. I love the Journey Junkie because she uses the typical flowery yoga language but also calls her practice a “ball buster” my kinda lady.

Afterwards I did some self-guided practice. I did 3 rounds of sun salutation B with some of my own variations to target those hips and tight hamstrings from sittin all day! I wrapped it all up with a bow by finishing my practice with some more pincha play! My goal is to do 3 pinchas a day to strengthen my shoulders and build some muscle memory.


Back to classes and so happy! Nothing like missing your classes to make you appreciate it when you get to go again. Wednesday is typically a gently vinyasa flow but there was a substitute teacher and it was the teacher I go to for my athletic yoga. The universe at work people. The flow we built had a lot of hamstring focus with pyramid pose and warrior 2 as well as some balancing challenges like full stork and tree pose with reverse prayer hands. Left feeling energized and ready to tackle the day that’s for sure!


Thursday I was back in the athletic yoga class and it was the perfect blend of balancing challengers, some hamstring work, and some inversion play! It is rare to find a yoga studio or class around me that allows and teaches inversion work beyond shoulder stand so I appreciate the heck out of this class that pushes us to try handstands and the like. The flow included the following poses and transition: warrior 1-warrior 3 and dancer-fallen dancer. We also did a lot of low lunges and ended the flow with some tripod headstand work. The headstands included slowly lowering and raising your legs and man oh man do you feel that right in the core!


Friday is the gentle vinyasa flow class I go to and it always serves as the perfect foil to Tuesday/Thursdays athletic yoga. There was a lot of emphasis on shoulders and hips as well as some hamstring and calf work. I particularly love the little “pushes” the instructor provides to help you get just a little bit deeper into the pose.



I did an athletic morning yoga flow with Yoga by Candace today. I have suuuper tight hamstrings in the morning and have pushed it too far once or twice before so I need something with a leg focus to help me open up but also need to reign myself in because pulled hamstrings are fun for no one.

I finished up with 15 minutes of self-guided practice of sun salutations with some variations to open up my chest and hips.



I wrapped up the week with a really fun self-guided flow. I struggle to hop onto my mat without a plan (huh, kind how I approach life, I should look into that…) but today I moved and stretched in whatever way felt good for my body. It was full of clunky transitions and lots of play but man did it feel good. I included my standard sun sal warm up, played with  bow and wheel pose, worked from plow to a forward fold, and played with warrior 2 tipping into a half moon pose.


Self-Practice: 1 hour 25 minutes

Strength-Based Classes: 3 hours 30 minutes

Gentle Flexibility Classes: 1 hour

Total: 5 hours 55 minutes

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