My Week of Yoga: Vacation Edition

Oh my goodness you guys. I am amazed at how quickly the wheels fall of the bus when you deviate from your normal day to day routine. I was out of town for the last week with my family. It was just my mom, brother, and I for the first 3 days and we were then joined by my husband, other two brothers, and my brother’s fiancé. It was absolutely fantastic to get away from normally scheduled programming and spend some QT with the fam but my practice and my diet suffered.


Here is this week’s “My Week of Yoga” vacation edition!

plow pose



I got to get in about 45 minutes of self-guided practice before heading out of town but was not able to make it to my normal class. During my practice I knew I would be sitting in the car for a couple of hours so I made a point to stretch my hips and hamstrings as well as my upper back and shoulders. I also made a point to take some time and do some neck rolls and to focus on centering and slowing my breath knowing that the week ahead would be fun but also some stressors (family fun time, you know, can be a lot)



My mom does not have the opportunity to get to the gym day to day so we took advantage of the gym on vacation. After some time on the elliptical and a round of abs I did about 20 minutes of self-guided practice. I did 3 rounds of sun salutation B (my personal fave), with some variations thrown in, a focus on quad stretches, and finished it up with a few pincha practices. I used to do self-guided yoga a lot during the school year but have been spoiled this summer with all of the classes so I was definitely feeling the change going back to leading myself!



Today I got in a full 45 minute self-guided practice after 25 minute walking treadmill workout. I love yoga first thing in the morning but find I need to wake up my legs with a walk or elliptical or bike before to make sure I don’t hurt myself and my very sensitive hamstrings. For my practice I divided the low into 3 parts: 1 part focusing on legs, one on core, and an inversion. For the legs portion I did warrior 2 and 3, peaceful warrior, straddle, and pigeon with some vinyasa flow in between. For the core I focused on boat pose, shoulder stand, and a transition to plow. Finally for inversion work I did a couple of floating headstands and 3 rounds of pincha play.



I did not take the opportunity to practice today but my mom, brother, husband, and I did a gorgeous hike and then did a cave tour!



I got in another 45 minutes of self-guided practice today that my husband joined in on. We followed the same structure from Wednesday’s practice but I added in some crescent lunges, pyramid poses, and some attempts at flying pigeon. We finished our practice off with a little bit of acro play time!



The whole fam was together today and we took advantage of it by boating, playing yard games, and enjoying each other’s company!



Finally, after driving back home and settling back into life I also settled back into my mat and followed along with this Journey Junkie yoga video! It was a nice vinyasa flow class that incorporated the use of blocks. My ego doesn’t indulge in props much but this class showed me just how beneficial they can be!



Self-Practice: 1 hour 55 minutes

Strength-Based Classes: 35 minutes

Gentle Flexibility Classes: 0

Total: 2 hours 30 minutes

yogaAbbey Graffagna