My Week of Yoga: All The Days

Baby I am back! Between ending last week with a brutal cold that turned into an ear infection and a high stress week at work it is a miracle that I found time for my yoga practice every damn day.

I am super proud of myself because I definitely could have used work or lingering symptoms as an excuse but instead I found my Yoga has taught me to slow when I need to slow but also to listen to my body and let it guide me and this week I did just that.

On a weird note every single one of my classes I went to this week was taught by a sub.

Park Pincha.JPG



Glorious hot yoga, I officially enjoy my time with you. I find that I have adapted to the heat and while I still sweat every single bit of my essence out of me during class I no longer feel like death is imminent. Progress people!

Today’s class focused on long help poses, a lot of chaturanga, and toe stands. I am a big fan of toe stands because I feel like I never quite get the sole of my foot stretched and this does the trick. We also held pigeon for ten breaths and this is a pose that continues to challenge me. Holding it for ten breaths was near agony in my head but there was a millisecond of release that felt almost peaceful.


Tuesday’s morning class was led by a sub but she definitely delivered in terms of an athletic practice. We flowed between half moon, sugar cane, and dandasana pose which was a challenge for my balance at 5:30 in the morning. There was also a transition between warrior 3 and warrior 4 with a toe grab thrown into the middle, I had never seen those poses lined up that way. Finally we worked out core with a little baby crow that may or may not have left a bruise on my tricep.


Im trying to build a little more cardio and core into my workout schedule so today I took it to the elliptical for 30minutes of high intensity cardio followed by 15 minutes of core.

I then went home and did 20 minutes of self guided yoga with a focus on hips and heart openers.


A local yoga studio was hosting free classes so I checked one out. Unbeknownst to me it was “warm” yoga, with the studio at 98 degrees (cue the 90s music amiright?). It was a basic vinyasa flow class that had a little bit of everything. There was crow, half moon, warrior 1 and 2, up dogs and chaturangas, and some nice butterfly/cobblers pose stretches.


20 minutes of self-led practice today. I love to start my personal practice off with 3 rounds of modified sun salutations. It helps me build tapas and stretch out my hips and hamstrings, by far my tightest muscles.


I did a 75 minute vinyasa flow class. Awesome flow between sun sal A and B. There were some standing balance challenges, a lot of chaturangas and plenty of opportunities to modify.



75 minute hot yoga class. This is a wonderful class that really focuses on all parts of the body. My left tricep was really strangely sore so chaturangas became a bit of a challenge but I attempted and held flying lizard pose which was a major achievement. Another major achievement. I only used one towel for my face as opposed to my usual 3..growth!

Vinyasa Flow Class: 60 minutes
Strength-Based Classes: 60 minutes
Self-Practice:40 minutes

Hot Yoga Class: 3 hours
Total: 5 hours 40 minutes