My Week of Yoga: Called to the Mat

This week had me pulled to my mat every single day. Even days I didn’t plan to do yoga, I found myself on my mat. It came primarily in the form of self-guided practice as opposed to studio time which is a rarity for me. I know as schedules get busy during this holiday season I probably won’t get as much studio time in and instead will have to be flexible with my practice (pun intended).



We were flying back from Portland Monday afternoon so I woke up and went to the hotel gym to get in some stretch time. Knowing I would be sitting still on a plan for an extended period of time I really focused on my out hips, inner thighs, and upper back. Lord am I happy I did because the next day I wasn’t even half as tight as I typically feel. Yoga for the win!


Tuesday was a long day at work since we had gotten in from Portland late the night before. I had pre-scheduled a hot yoga class and I am glad I did, it was the perfect opportunity to smooth out any residual knots or pockets of tightness from the flight.


I listened to my intuition today and skipped yogalates. Instead I went to the gym and did my own cardio, legs, and core routine. I then went home and did 45 minutes of self-led practice that worked on opening my upper back, hamstrings, and quads.


I did this Yoga by Candace video and it was heaven. Perfect combination of strength and stretching.


Friday, I took about 50 minutes and dedicated it to my practice. I went in with no plan or idea and instead I just flowed with what felt good. To be honest, it was a struggle, there were lots of moments with “well now what”? But, I am glad I did it and will probably continue to push myself to do this maybe once a week or so.


I went to my usual vinyasa flow class. This is one of those classes that I absolutely adore. The instructor is one of the people who will lead me in teacher training and he is incredible. It is an hour and fifteen minutes and every time I am shocked at how quickly the time goes.

I finished with a forearm stand that I was able to hold for like 30-45 seconds and it felt like the biggest win!


Today’s 75- minute hot yoga class was excellent because I woke up to snow on the ground. I do not enjoy the cold so I took refuge in a 110-degree room. We had a sub today so it was different than usual but she incorporated a nice core workout which I appreciate. I have also begun to challenge myself to add in a push up anytime there is a chaturanga in an attempt to build up some more upper body strength.

Strength-Based Class: 2 hours

Self-Practice: 2 hours 20 minutes

Hot Yoga Class: 2 hour 15 minutes

Total: 6 hours 35 minutes