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Yoga Tutorial: Chaturanga

Chaturanga, if you lack upper body strength or have any sort of shoulder and/or back pain can be a super challenging pose. Made all the more difficult by the fact that you do at least a handful of them in nearly every yoga class. Today I am breaking down chaturanga and also showing a great way to modify it as you build up strength or accommodate trouble spots for you!

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My Week of Yoga: Personal Practice

Are you sick of hearing the words “polar vortex” yet? Well imma talk about it for a minute. The polar vortex had us Midwesterners homebound and stuck inside due to a huge amount of snow and record-breaking cold temps. The positive to all of this is it allowed me to pour time into my personal practice. What once made me uncomfortable is beginning to feel like home.

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MY Week of Yoga: New Year, More Yoga Please

With the holidays and the studio being closed some days I had the opportunity to lead my own practices at home. It was awesome to sit back and reflect on how far my practice has come this past year since really committing my time and energy to going to classes and flowing at home. I am encouraged and so excited to see what this year of yoga will bring.


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Lessons Yoga Can Teach You

Typically what I have found with yoga is that people initially fall in love with it because of how it makes them feel. They come to the mat looking to relax, to heal, or to get in shape. They fall in love with how they feel during and after class. After some time this love tends to deepen and you begin to explore all the facets of yoga.

What I love most about yoga is just how much you can learn. Yoga, in all of its limbs, is an incredible teacher. Today, I am sharing the biggest lessons I have learned both on and off the mat.

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