My Week of Yoga: Chasing Alignment

Oh heyyyy! Been a weird week of super intense yoga classes and opportunity to be flexible with my schedule and learning to let go.

I had the opportunity to learn from my future yoga teacher training teacher and it was an awesome experience! I also had some work things that came up and went late so I was not able to practice during the week the way I usually do. But, flexibility and flow are what it’s all about s it was a great opportunity to practice those things!



Hot yoga how I love thee! Standard hot yoga class, lots of vinyasa flowing yumminess. There was a tree to dancer to warrior 3 transition that I was really feeling! The crazy thing is (and I hate how this is going to make me sound) but the studio was only heated to 103 degrees and I definitely noticed and it felt “cool” (not really cool but definitely not like death). Crazy how the body adapts!


I took some time to focus on cardio and core and then went home and did 20 minutes of self-guided practice. I stretched my legs with 3 rounds of sun salutations with variations and then spent some time opening my hips and shoulders.


Did a mile on the treadmill before class today, trying to plug in cardio where I can. Wednesday is yogalates day so it was time to torch the core! The challenging yoga pose focuses for the month in this class are: baby crow, bird of paradise, straddle stretch, and holding a hovering chaturanga.


Work got in the dang way of my normal practice but I did a short 15 minute flow before bed.




75 minute vinyasa flow class led by my future yoga teacher training teacher. It was great to take a class taught by him! There was a lot of focus on alignment and lots of adjustments were made. I felt super focused during this practice because I really wanted to nail my form. At the end I had the most glorious savasana meditation and it was overall a wonderful way to start a Saturday.



Started my day with 35-minute autumn equinox video from the Journey Junkie to welcome in the official first day of fall!


Later I did a 75 minute hot yoga class. It was an all levels class that really helped me flow and release some tension!


Strength-Based Class: 60 minutes

Vinyasa Flow: 1 hour 50 minutes

Self Practice: 35 minutes

Hot Yoga Class: 2 hours

Total: 5 hours 25 minutes