My Week of Yoga: Class Packed Goodness

Last week of summer fun before school gets back in session. While I am excited to meet my new first grade friends I am indefinitely sad that I will not be able to attend the same yoga classes that shaped my summer. In some exciting news I enrolled in 200hr YTT to begin in January! As a part of the enrollment the studio “gives” you 108 free classes. I plan to take advantage of each and every one of them and really make time to do yoga every day during the school year!




Today’s class was taught by a sub. Typically she leads a more athletic vinyasa class. The sub today led a challenging class coupled with long holds and slow movements. This was a different kind of challenging than I was used to. I appreciate the slow but my mind and body love to move and really work. We did a warrior series, worked through camel andbow pose, and my favorite: yogi free time. I had the chance to do some pincha practice during this time!


Tuesday I was in my athletic morning yoga class and it was the perfect blend of balancing challengers, some hamstring work, and some inversion play! It is rare to find a yoga studio or class around me that allows and teaches inversion work beyond shoulder stand so I appreciate the heck out of this class that pushes us to try handstands and the like. The flow included the following poses and transition: warrior 1-warrior 3 and dancer-fallen dancer. We also did a lot of low lunges and ended the flow with some tripod headstand work. The headstands included slowly lowering and raising your legs and man oh man do you feel that right in the core!


This is the beginning of an overworked body because I had to work during the day today I went to yogalates at night. The teacher of this class is the teacher who leads the athletic Tuesday Thursday class. The way she structures her class is you do 1 pass through her athletic yoga series and then a half an hour of pilates core work. I LOVE core work. I do it often on my own and rarely do I feel sore. I don’t know what witch this teacher made a promise to in return for magical powers but I swear she broke my abs. I was sore for 3 days but in the really validating way that lets you know you worked hard.


Thursday we were back to athletic morning yoga. At this point in the week my legs are a little shaky and my right hamstring is definitely feelin all of the long held balance poses and my aforementioned broken abs are starting to realize pilates is a real ball buster.


Friday is typically the gentle vinyasa flow class I go to. I  say typically because the fates intervened on this last week of summer and the teacher had a sub. Who should sub but the same athletic yoga teacher! I will have now been in 4 of her yoga classes this week. Low and behold she makes some minior adjustments but the flow is just as grueling as the other days. By the end I am wondering if my legs will work come Saturday.



Today was my first day at the yoga studio where I will do my teacher training. It was a 75- minutes all levels vinyasa class. While I held my own just fine the base line for “all levels” at a yoga studio is vastly different than at the local YMCA. We ran through sun salutations A and B. There was also time to work on crow and some headstand work. Finally, we did some boat and hip lifts. It was a great stretch, a great class, and a really inviting environment.



Today I participated in my first hot yoga class. I had done one back when I was 15 years old but almost nothing counts when you are that old. I was about as ill-equipped as one could be for a hot yoga class. Here is what I brought: myself, a yoga mat, a beach towel, water. Here is what I should have brought: a more hydrated version of myself in some sweat wicking clothing, my yoga mat, a yoga mat towel, a towel to wipe my sweaty self, more water. That being said man was it a good class! The heat helped my body get into a deeper stretch and there is something so good about sweating and really detoxing. I will definitely be going back…I may or may not have scheduled a class for tomorrow.


Self-Practice: 0 minutes

Strength-Based Classes: 4 hours

Gentle Flexibility Classes: 2 hours 15 minutes

Hot Yoga Class: an eternity…just kidding 1 hour 15 minutes

Total: 7 hours 30 minutes