My Week of Yoga: Colder Days, Warmer Practice

Whew! A rough week at work had me pulled to my mat nearly every day! As the days get colder and darker hot yoga is rapidly becoming a favorite class of mine!

crow pose.JPG


We got 13 inches of snow here in Iowa…13 freakin inches! School was cancelled but luckily the roads were mostly cleared so I could make my evening hot yoga class. There was a sub for the class but she led a challenging class with lots of vinyasa flows and core work, perfect way to heat up a cold day.


Cardio and core followed by a 20 minute flow where I ran through the sun salutations on both sides.


Yogalates day! I love to use this time to try and practice some more challenging arm balances and inversions that don’t fit into a standard yoga flow. I am trying to find more time and stability in my forearm stands and have recently been trying to get my leg up in flying pigeon, the bruises on my triceps are a nice reminder of the practice to come.


I did a 35 minute power vinyasa flow with my husband and followed up with 15 minutes of some acro play.




I went to my usual vinyasa flow class. This is my absolute favorite class of the week! I love focusing on form and I LOVE really taking time and slowing down through my flows, it seems almost harder than a fast-paced class. I also love this class because I find the best savasana after it.


Today’s 75- minute hot yoga class was a wonderful warm class on a cold and dreary day. However, it was super challenging. We did crow and 2 side crows, lots of planks, balancing, and hamstring stretches.

Strength-Based Class: 2 hours 15 minutes

Self-Practice: 1 hour 5 minutes

Hot Yoga Class: 2 hour 15 minutes

Total: 5 hours 35 minutes