My Week of Yoga: School, Class, and Finding Balance

First week back at school and balancing a yoga practice was a challenge! We got to end the week up at my husbands cabin and took some serious reset time which was glorious!


Cow face



Well its safe to say that I am a full on hot yoga convert. It feels so darn good to sweat your butt off and work hard. Even better is leaving the studio. 95 degrees has never felt so refreshing. This weeks yoga flow had some Pilates mixed into it which was a challenge. We also got to play around in 8 angle pose which is NOT easy when dripping with sweat. Finally we pushed it with some deep hamstring stretches like bird of paradise. Honestly my Monday hot yoga is quickly becoming a favorite.



Went to a 5:30 am class. First week of school I am so proud of myself for making it to that early class. The instructor was the same as Monday’s hot yoga class and she did the same flow. It was so interesting to compare hot yoga vs normal and an evening class vs morning. I was wayyy stiffer and my balance was way off being that early in the morning. Regardless, it was a fabulous start to the day.



Yogalates class Wednesday is a half hour athletic yoga flow and a half hour of core. All this core work will hopefully pay off in my inversion practice. The core this week was a real ball buster. Like all we could do was laugh when she cued the next move. The yoga flow is the perfect balance of flow and strength.



Today was a busy day of getting ready to go up north Friday after work. Nothin fancy, just 20 minutes of vinyasa flows.



Was in the car from 4-11 driving up north to Wisconsin. Man did my body crave yoga but just too tired to do anything but snooze.



Did  20 minute warm up of sun sals and then pushed the pace with a challenging flow. I focused a lot on standing balancing poses and a bit of core work mixed into the end. Tied it all with a bow of 10 minutes of meditation.



Went on a long walk with my husband and then got caught out on the lake paddle boarding while a storm blew in. My arms were shakin by the time I made it back to the dock. Took 15 minutes to stretch out my back and hamstrings.


Hot yoga: 60 minutes 

Athletic yoga class: 120 minutes

Self paced practice: 65 minutes

Total: 4hr 5minutes

yogaAbbey Graffagna