My Week of Yoga: Less Asana, More Gratitude

Sometimes less time on the mat allows for the practice of gratitude for the time you do get. This was one of those weeks (feels like I have been saying that a lot lately) where I did not get to spend as much time as I would have liked on my mat. However, the time that I did get to spend was filled with a deep sense of gratitude and peace.



We had a sub in hot yoga today but it was such a great class! We did a fast paced vinyasa flow and finished up with a group meditation!


25 minutes of self-led practice and 20 minutes of acro play with the husband


Logged some cardio time before my yogalates class. New month means new flow in the class and this month’s flow had poses like a held chaturanga, flying lizard pose, and handstands. Instead of handstand I practiced forearm stand and was able to get up and stay up away from a wall. It was extremely validating to feel the success of years of hard work.




15-minute before bed stretch after a long car ride. Focused on upper and lower back stretches and some shoulder opening.


Went on a 5-mile hike in lieu of yoga practice today. Got a chance to practice mindfulness and gratitude as I took in the outdoors.


75-minute hot yoga class. I meditated and asked for my yoga practice to remind me of the strength in my body and all that I am capable of. By setting this intention I was able to focus on the incredible things my body is able to do and really be grateful for my good health and asana practice.


Strength-Based Class: 1 hour

Self-Practice: 1 hour

Hot Yoga Class: 2 hour 15 minutes

Total: 4 hours 15 minutes