My Week of Yoga: Discipline and Making Time

You ever have one of those weeks where despite your best efforts you fall just a teeny short of your ideal or goals? That was me this week. Despite every intention of #yogaeverydamnday some days life got in the way.


Also: next week I will not have a Sunday post as Mr. and I are taking a long weekend together!



We had the day off of work today so I was all set up to do a hot yoga class at 9am. Unfortunately, it ended up getting cancelled. What normally is a huge bummer I decided to look at as an opportunity to strengthen my self-practice. I did about 45 minutes of my mat full of sun salutations and a vinyasa flow that focused on my hamstrings and hips.


Made up for missing hot yoga Monday with a new hot yoga class on Tuesday. As a added bonus, Mr. Mindful joined me! We warmed up with lots of core work. Afterwards we ran through several sun salutations. The one thing I really loved about this class was that the instructor prompted us throughout class to smile. Finally, I pushed myself in my forward fold to use a block at my feet to help extend further.


Yogalates Wednesdays. Today our flow consisted of flying lizard again, a hovering chaturanga, and headstand leg lifts. I personally love working my core through inversions but understand that’s not for everyone. I wrapped up practice with a forearm balance because I am just giddy over the fact that I can hop into one without a wall now.


Had a meeting at the house so I did not get to go to the gym like I would’ve liked but I did 15 minutes before bed of hips and low back stretches.




None, we were out of town.


Today’s 75- minute hot yoga class was wonderful! It was at max capacity and we started the class near 115 degrees. I actually felt a bit light headed, a new and unwelcome feeling, but the instructor worked to lower the humidity and the room was much more bearable after that. It was a good class but one that had very little space off your mat do the large volume of people.

Strength-Based Class: 1 hour

Self-Practice: 1 hour

Hot Yoga Class: 2 hour 15 minutes

Total: 4 hours 15 minutes