My Week of Yoga: Less Class Time

This was one of the quietest weeks of yoga I have had in over a year. I did log some time at the gym which was a nice change of pace but I struggle to transition from the gym to my home practice. As I progress through yoga teacher training I am learning and practicing so much more than just the asana and am thoroughly enjoying the mental benefits!




The Midwest has just been getting hammered with winter weather lately. We had some more troubling weather come through so instead of a yoga class I had to head straight home after work. I did 15 minutes of core work followed by 40 minutes of leading Mr. Mindful and myself through  a vinyasa flow.


Went to the gym after work. Spent some time cycling and did about 15 minutes of sun salutation A and B afterwards.


I taught 40 minutes to some of my co-workers and flowed along with them.


Elliptical, core, and 15 minutes of sun salutations again




8 hours of yoga teacher training felt a bit like coming home. Got to practice the asana limb of yoga for about an hour and a half, working through adjustments and cuing.


65 minutes self-practice. Lots of lunges, hamstring stretches, heart openers, hip work, and a touch of core.

Yoga Teacher Training Practice: 1 hour 30 minutes

Self-Practice: 2 hours 50 minutes

Total: 4 hours 20 minutes